Ref 5710: Плоскосеточная БДМ формат 2550 мм, 156 тонн/сутки, скорость 160 м/мин

Ref 5710:

2550 mm Paper Board Machine, capacity: up to 156 TPD, speed: 160 m/min.

2550 mm Paper Board Machine
Main product: coated grey board, 230 – 600 gsm.
Capacity: up to 156 TPD. Speed: 160 m/min.
Originally installed in 1962, converted to 4 wires in 1982, drive rebuilt in 2009.
Approach System Equipment:
Sets of low density cleaners, machine screens: Finck and Beloit.
The Board Machine
4 Fourdriniers with headboxes and with suction couch rolls on 3 of the wire tables.
Press Section:
1st Press MAULE DUALPRESS 50 kN/m load, 2 vacuum press rolls;
2nd Press is JUMBO PRESS, double felted, 280 kg/cm,1500 mm diameter;
3rd Press, 50 kg/cm load, Single felted press
Drying Section:
37 drying cylinders, 1500 mm dimeter, 3.5 bar pressure.
Yankee Cylinder, 4000 mm diameter, 4 bar pressure.
10 drying cylinders, 1500 mm diameter, 3.5 bar pressure.
3 Roll Calendar with Nipco roll.
Maule Rod coater with IR dryer
Jagenberg Combi Blade Coater with IR dryer
Maule rod coater with IR dryer
4 Drying Cylinders, 1500 mm diameter, 3.5 bar pressure
Mauae Reel-up with roll changing system
Jagenber Machine Winder
Consumption per 1 tonne of paper:
Steam 1.53 tonnes, Electricity 420 kw, Water 9 m3.



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